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Artist Statement

I recreate ordinary things into extraordinary things so that viewers will gain a stronger appreciation for the ordinary. I do not create that which is real because it already exists. I aim to mimic reality in a whimsical way that conveys a message through each piece. Perspective inspires me: everything we see, feel, and experience is shaped by our understanding of it. My process consists of mixing media in order to create a unique interpretation of an ordinary subject matter. Art is an escape; humanity would cease without it. Art is in everything, from occupations we pursue to the way we treat one another. I create art to make life better: if a person is having a gloomy day, maybe seeing my art will brighten them up. My goal is for viewers to find themselves happier: my work may remind someone of a memory they needed to remember or provide a lesson they needed to learn. Sometimes our everyday world is typical, so I aim to allow viewers to see that in this typical world is something exceptional: the most beautiful thing in life is the life in the heart of each of us.


Artist Biography

My name is Megan Wassom; I worked at MercyOne North Iowa in Mason City for five years as a surgical technologist, but I am originally from Royal, IA. I graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree from Buena Vista University in Storm Lake, IA in 2020, where I majored in biomedical science and minored in studio art. I am pursuing an education and eventual career as a physician assistant through St. Ambrose University in Davenport, IA, and will graduate in December 2023. I spend spare time creating art, participating in CrossFit, reading, and volunteering when I can. My parents are Dana Wassom and Robert and Sarah Wassom, and my siblings are Garret and Abigail; my fiancé is Kyle Srohman. The basis of my life and work is my faith in God, Who has given me passion and ability for art and medicine. The themes of my art are most often driven by humanity: people and the world they make around me inspire my ideas. Whether a stranger I meet, a teacher I once had, or a close family member, I embrace them as reasons to create. I enjoy combining both adorations for medicine and art: the way humans move, act, learn, and love teaches me so much about the beauty of humanity and drives me to reflect it in my work.

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